Sunday, January 29, 2012

Testing 1, 2, 3.....

This is a test to be certain that I can access my blog... If you can read this than it must have worked!!

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Friday, January 27, 2012


So it has been over a month since I posted...partly because we've been so darn busy and because honestly not much has been happening. Unfortunately we have fallen at a time that the US government is doing their part but they are in China. So they have been off ALOT!!!! Between Christmas, New Years, MLK Day & this past week has been Chinese New Year~ they celebrate them all! On top of all of that we had a glitch with paperwork, now we are on track. Anyway, we are just 2 steps away from getting our travel dates! One step is to get our Article 5 picked up, that is scheduled to be done on Monday. From there our paperwork goes to the CCCWA so they can issue our "official invitation to travel" known in adoption world as TA. This process can take from 7-21 days, hopefully they will feel well rested after the week off that they are highly motivated to move some paperwork! Once this invitation is received we can schedule our trip dates. I am in high hopes of leaving on March 1st~ however I know that it will be in God's time. As I have said before this is His adoption, I was 'done having kids' (and He laughed). So i will wait until He says go.
I was blessed to get a new picture of Mira yesterday. She looks like she is okay, but my poor girl is yet again dressed like a boy. So, with some quick retail therapy I feel better and Mira has some cute sparkly dresses!!!
I have began to gather items to pack, looked at flights, chosen my hotels and make my lists of to do's before I go and put some finishing touches on Mira's room....come on TA!!!!!!
I have a few prayer requests:
~Please pray for my family here at home, that their hearts will be prepared for our time of separation
~For my Mother-inlaw's family the same, as she is traveling with me
~Pray that my kids are healthy while I am away
~Pray for the final finances that are needed to complete this journey
~Finally, please pray that Mira's heart will be prepared to leave the place she calls home, leaving behind her friends & nannies to join our family. Just prepare her heart to meet me and begin her life in our Forever family.
I will keep you posted as I know any news!!!