Monday, July 29, 2013

HE is here.....

We are rejoicing & praising this evening in the Newman house!! Whoop-whoop!
Mira had her cast removed today, she is healed& doing great BUT this isn't the big deal!
You see, things around here have been difficult. Part of it has been self inflicted, after all we did uproot our lives & move 1/2 way across the country... But this was Gods will for us. It's just hard missing our family, friends, church family.. And to boot we have a struggling business. There have been many prayers said here, for Mira's bones, for Kayla's heart & quality of life, Sami's diabetes, Emily's adjustment.. Our business/ finances... Strength & endurance... But one thing I can honestly say DIDN'T make the list was Mira's eyes. As you may recall, she has been wearing glasses, she had little to no vision in one eye. I was overjoyed to learn 6 weeks ago that they could correct her to 20/70 with glasses! That was just the start....
GOD IS HERE!!! (Even without my prayers!)
oh and I might post a disclaimer:
We are beyond excited to find out today that Mira's eyes have improved tremendously!! The doctor told us at our last appt to expect Mira to need 3-4 hrs of patching per day to strengthen her weak eye. Upon her exam today with no patching yet they examined her to have 20/30 vision in that eye just using glasses!!! Her doctor said she was shocked at the change!!! She didn't have much of an explanation.. But we all know HOW this happened!! Mira only has to patch 1 hour per day for just a little while!! Praise God!!!
It is easy to find yourself doubting, wondering & questioning when you hit a low spot but.... Then... HE reveals himself. Blatantly. No doubt.
Thanking you Heavenly Father for your constant presence in our lives, thank you for forgiving us when we doubt you... I pray that I can be as forgiving as you in my daily life...
Please keep Mira in your prayers as she is scheduled for plastic surgery on her eyes to open them. This is scheduled for August 22nd. Of course I will post pics & her status!
There are a few pics attached & yes she chose snowflakes.. Whatever makes the princess happy!! Lol!!
The past few weeks have been busy, we have been having so much fun. There's lots to post but this sorta took priority! I will post all of the excitement we've had lately soon!
Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The many flavors of Mira

Mira has a genuine LOVE for anything that closely resembles ice cream! It can be in a cup, on a cone, it can be a snowball or frozen yogurt... You name it... She loves it!
One of her favorite things to do since moving to Colorado is to get "i-cream" (those other letters aren't important! Lol) which is a trip to any of the millions of
fro-yo places here... She loves to chose her toppings which typically consists of a pretty gross mix of fruit & chocolate but also includes something called boba. This is a popping fruit-like bubbles that taste pretty good!
I think it is a great opportunity to make choices & express her personality!
Since school's been out we have implemented a chore chart that has helped ALOT! The chores for Mira include feeding the dogs, putting dirty clothes down the laundry chute, wiping the table & loading/unloading the dishwasher... (Which by the way is the worst job in the world according to my kids!) The best "chore" that each of them take turns on a daily basis is to assist with dinner. Mira insists that she is cooking all of it! I'm her assistant! She helps chose the menu & LOVES to be at the counter doing it all!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rockin' a pink cast!!!!

So.. After an ER visit & 2 trips to the doctor, she finally has a stress fracture!
Excited?? Yes I am. To actually know what's going on in this foot that has been swollen & painful for a week & a half. Over the weekend she even began complaining of back pain since she's been walking funny on this foot!
She's sportin' a bright pink waterproof cast for 4 weeks.
We are unclear why this has happened, it could be due to her genetic makeup, it could be from weakening from all the surgery she has had. We are letting this ride this time, if she fractures again we will need to see an endocrine doctor for further testing.
You can see in her X-ray on her 2nd toe there is shadowing, that's the healing of the fracture. The next picture shows just how broke up she is about the latest cast!