Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The many flavors of Mira

Mira has a genuine LOVE for anything that closely resembles ice cream! It can be in a cup, on a cone, it can be a snowball or frozen yogurt... You name it... She loves it!
One of her favorite things to do since moving to Colorado is to get "i-cream" (those other letters aren't important! Lol) which is a trip to any of the millions of
fro-yo places here... She loves to chose her toppings which typically consists of a pretty gross mix of fruit & chocolate but also includes something called boba. This is a popping fruit-like bubbles that taste pretty good!
I think it is a great opportunity to make choices & express her personality!
Since school's been out we have implemented a chore chart that has helped ALOT! The chores for Mira include feeding the dogs, putting dirty clothes down the laundry chute, wiping the table & loading/unloading the dishwasher... (Which by the way is the worst job in the world according to my kids!) The best "chore" that each of them take turns on a daily basis is to assist with dinner. Mira insists that she is cooking all of it! I'm her assistant! She helps chose the menu & LOVES to be at the counter doing it all!

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