Friday, May 17, 2013

The End....

We've reached... The end.
The end of straightening Mira's legs. I can hardly believe it.
There were many ways to start this post... We have such an array of emotions right now. We are grateful, this has been an amazing journey since October 2012. At times I can hardly believe she is the same child. Yet at the same time I feel a sense of loss for her, she lost an identity (good or bad) that she carried since birth. My understanding is that if you're born with a disability in China- that becomes "who you are", Sometimes literally by name... can you imagine?? We feel blessed to have the team of doctors & nurses that have cared for Mira, not just as a patient but they are caring for her as their own. They serve with the same hearts as missionaries. We are blessed because we know these days the medical field is FULL of staff that treats you as a number... Often with $$ signs attached. You find a very smart/knowledgable doctor who has TERRIBLE bedside manner OR you find a very nice/personable doctor who has questionable skills. When you know you have a good thing... You stay. Even if it means you travel 1800 miles for an X-ray. I know I've boasted him up before & as Christians we aren't to place our trust in people... However I know Dr Standard is here being the hands & feet of Jesus. Yes he gets paid but he skillfully treats with his big heart.
This morning he removed the fixator from Mira's left leg. It went well, the bone looks good, the infection appears to be under control. The only small glitch he found is that now her legs are straight it appears her left femur is turned in a bit making her a bit knock kneed. So he asked permission to place a small plate on her left femur that would stunt the growth on one side of her femur so as it grows it will straighten. This plate will be in place 8-12 months & then removed along with the rod in her left femur.

She seems to be doing great!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

East coast-bound...

We r heading back to see Dr Standard & we r scheduled for removal tomorrow morning... Stay tuned for the big reveal!!!
I leave with a reminder of before...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


For months my hubby & I have been planning a return trip to MD for a family wedding. It was a difficult decision... Mira & I have never been apart. My mother in law offered to stay at our house so the girls will be in familiar surroundings.
Hubby & I were planning a long weekend of reconnection, rest, fun... Stress free.
Well... That was MY plan.
On Friday am Mira woke up complaining of being "sick". When I touched her she was warm... Sure enough 101.5 I dosed her up with some meds & kept her home from school. As the day went on she acted better but began to complain of pain in her leg. Greg & i left for MD. Well to make a long complicated story short, Mira spiked to 103.8! After speaking with Dr Standard he said she needed to go to the ER... Just what I want to throw on my MIL!! First they tested her for strep & she was positive. They were planning to discharge her on oral antibiotics. Her blood work came back with elevated white blood cells.. This landed her 2 1/2 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics! Come to find out her strep throat spread to her pin sites!! Praise God this infection was caught & is responding (slowly) to meds. We are scheduled to leave Thursday morning to go back to Baltimore for removal of her fixator on Friday! We are STOKED to see Mira metal free with STRAIGHT legs. I will be sure to post before & after photos.
If you think of Mira over the next few days please say a prayer for her.
Oh & by the way.. The weekend get away was ANYTHING but relaxing! Try stressed out from beginning to end! I feared Mira would suffer this separation & we could lose some of the amazing bonding that has happened... But God is faithful. He heard our prayers & calmed her heart!! Thank you!!! And thank you to Kara & Joe for taking good care of all 4 girls!!
Be blessed!