Friday, March 15, 2013

This time last year....

....We were in China. It has been one year since Mira joined our family. And what an amazing year it has been. I am still amazed at the work of our Lord. mira has many reasons from her past to sad, scared, untrusting & distant... but this girl lives life to the fullest!! She has a spirit that makes me ashamed of myself at times. she trusts, she loves, she laughs, she loves Jesus (or Jee-za as she refers to him!) I can hardly remember life without her. She adores her sisters and thanks God for EVERY bite of food she eats!
Many things have happened over the past year, the most obvious being the correction of her legs. We are coming to the end of this, my girls legs are BEAUTIFUL!
A few other things that rank pretty high is the fact that Mira can actually get her hair in a pony tail! She's grown 6" of hair in just 1 year, she's gained 8 lbs, grown over 4", she can count to 20 & she is learning her ABC's & she LOVES to be a helper around the house.
We are grateful for the nudge we got and even more grateful we listened! Praising God for our sweet girl!
We are choosing to celebrate our forever family day on the day we returned to the US & Mira met her daddy & sisters. That is March 22nd... Stay tuned for a new family photo!
Until then here's my sweet girl...