Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Mira under went spinal cord untethering surgery yesterday. 
It. Went. GREAT!!!
This is the scariest surgical experience we've had to face. Leading up to it even Mira was nervous. And I have to say NOTHING breaks her spirit! Adding to the stress if it, they ran behind schedule over 2 hrs! The waiting to get things moving is hard enough.. Add a couple of hours to it and I thought we would all die!
The procedure itself took about 2 hrs, Dr O'Neill came out and told us all had gone well. She was resting comfortably and he did say the fibrous material that was tethering the cord was much thicker than expected. He also said the spinal cord was being stretched by this fiber & when he snipped it the cord actually retracted back! This surgery was offered to us optionally and were so grateful for God's provision in this situation! May all the Glory go to Him!
Mira had a pretty decent night, of course her sleep was I interrupted frequently by the nurses checking in on her often. The hard part has been laying flat... The plan is this afternoon to get her upright and possibly walking by evening!! 
I will keep you posted as we make progress!