Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Our dossier (big stack of very important papers) is officially logged in. We have a log in date (LID) of Oct 9, 2011. This very exciting news! We are already 24 days into our wait for the next step LOA. It takes anywhere from 40-100+ days to get the Letter Seeking Confirmation which is known as LOA or Letter of Acceptance. So... now we wait....
Praying for a quick turn around....
Sweet Mira, we were blessed to receive some surprise photos of you... they are what we call bitter sweet. So blessed to see you are ok...but my poor princess you look like a prince....shaved head, navy blue & white striped polo (with the collar up~lol!) Momma will bring you lots of dresses, pink & purple girlie dresses!
Until I know more....

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