Friday, September 28, 2012

Mira's 1st family vacation

Wow~ what a week! Were still "rocking" a lili-bit (little bit)!!!
So, for 2 months Mira talked about the "big boat", she had no idea what that she knows. Mira cruised like a pro...there was plenty of fun to be had....she did it all! I could talk forever about the details but I'll spare you!
A few funny things to be noted:
(Mira has no problem saying EXACTLY what she thinks~ even if it's rude!)
1. We (6 of us) enter the elevator, there is another couple already in the elevator. We say hi, they begin to admire Mira and Mira's response is to the point. "Her dress is scary, I don't like it." There was little I could say other than get off the elevator & hope the lady couldn't understand her.
2. One afternoon at lunch as Mira was enjoying Chinese food, another couple sat beside us. Mira watched them carefully & noticed that they did not pray before eating their pizza. Mira stands on her chair and in a very boisterous voice begins to ask them if they prayed before eating. As cute as it was, I felt bad that she drilled these poor folks! The good news is she was easily distracted and didn't realize that 95% of the people on the ship didn't pray before meals!
A few other note worthy things...Mira enjoyed a minimum of 2 ice cream cones per day! She wasn't the only one to have fun. ALL the girls had fun. And despite corralling 4 girls, Greg and I had fun too!
We met an awesome, Christian, adoptive family as well. We spent the whole last day with them. Mira & Lily became fast friends. Lily just arrived in the states in May (what a cutie!) and her brother Noah has been home for 6 years. We feel blessed for the time with them and plan to see one another again soon!
As you might imagine, we are quite the spectical wherever we go & on a ship with the same people all week was no exception! Mira became a rock star rather quickly because she LOVED the hot tub & had no problem hopping in with whoever may have been trying to enjoy some peace & quiet (perhaps WITHOUT their kids!) and doing flips and handstands in the hot tub....she's too cute to get mad at!
I will stop blabbing now...enjoy the pics!

This is a view between both directions of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Room service in bed

The view from our balcony~ no land in sight!

SeaWorld~ Port Canaveral, Florida

Emily & her boyfriend "Barley"

Nassau, Bahamas


Atlantis Nassau, Bahamas

Jesus from the Philippines, our Head Waiter....he LOVED Mira!

Freeport, Bahamas

Have a blessed week!
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  1. I love your blog! The pictures are adorable :)...I LOVE the pic with Mira and Jesus! What an amazing time - I wish we all got together earlier in the voyage, but our time together was wonderful! I will try to call you later today - we ended up having company yesterday. Hugs to all of you and God Bless! erika

  2. Not even sure how I found your blog but when I clicked on your link "Our daughter" I immediately remembered this little girl! We started our process in Nov. 2010 but didn't look at any photolistings until our HS was complete in Feb 2011. I am pretty sure she was on the shared list that month...There was something about her that stood out in my mind. It is such a blessing to see her blossoming in your family!! She looks so happy!!