Thursday, November 21, 2013


I'm going to do my best to keep this post positive. I just don't know where to begin...
This week Mira began to have some trouble with her rt eye, appearing to be droopy again. We consulted with her surgeon & sure enough it appears to have loosened from her plastic surgery she had in Aug or Sept. as frustrated as I wanted to be I have to remember to be thankful for doctors who are wise & thankful for the advancement of today's medicine. Last year in October when Mira's ortho surgery began the hospital was supposed to do a MRI of Mira's spine to rule out Spina Bifida Occulta. To make a long story short, they forgot to schedule before the ortho work & then she had so much metal it couldn't be done. Finally last week we had the MRI done on her entire spine to rule out as I said before but also to measure her scoliosis. The results were referred to a neuro surgeon who wanted to see us. So today was the day...
I have to say my nerves were getting the best of me. I know about ALOT of medical stuff, I'm comfortable with many thing but NOT A SPINAL CORD! We met with Dr O'neill (who is younger than me-seriously he's a spine surgeon?!?!) he did a wonderful job of explaining that Mira does in fact have Spina bifida occulta in a mild form. What was noted on the MRI is that her spinal cord is attached when it should be free flowing... This is called Tethered Cord Syndrome. This very well could be the cause of her leg deformities and why she now has scoliosis. Greg & I with the help of Dr O'Neill decided it is best for Mira to have surgery to untether the cord. He is confident in this procedure & says he's performed many. Mira is scheduled for this surgery in just a week and a half. December 3.
I have to say God is good.. He provided me with a peace that only He can provide. He placed is in the right hands and gave us the confidence to know we've made the right choice! Please know our family seems to be weak in the medical area, the enemy of tends to attack me right in my weak spot! We covet any prayers you may think to say for us. As always I will update over her surgery days!

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