Monday, May 2, 2011

Be A "PIECE" of Mira's Future

I have to say I cannot take credit for this idea, however I FEEL CERTAIN no one will care since it is for a good cause! Greg and I have spent hours, literally hours trying to find the "perfect" way to raise money for Mira. Well, hear it goes...

We feel it is important to be able to share with Mira how many people were involved with bringing her home. We know there are many people following us, praying for us and listening to our story. What a great way for her to SEE just how many!! We bought this beautiful 500 pc. puzzle,

we want to "sell" each piece for $10. For a $10 donation we will write your name or your family name on the BACK of the piece. Once the puzzle is completed it will be framed in a custom made double sided frame and hung in her room so that when Mira comes home she will be able to SEE how many people it took to be a "PIECE of her future." We will update often with photos... remember ALL pieces must be sold!! So we ask that you share this anyway you can.. email lists, facebook~ whatever!! Many people have questioned using the chip-in on the side of this site, it takes you directly to PAYPAL if you use this method please write the name you want on the back of the piece in the sellers notes section. If you are uncomfortable with that but want to donate, feel free to mail a check made payable to :

Vanessa Newman

2169 Woodview Road

Finksburg, Md 21048

Please include the name you wish to have on it.
Many thanks to all who are praying for this journey! We are just following the Lord's direction in this whole process!

Love 'n Prayers,

The Newman's


  1. Hi. What a darling, darling daughter you have. Question: You mentioned her eye condition with a photo. Is it ptosis? Just wondering because my daughter was born with congenital ptosis. I adopted her at 7.5 y/o. She's now ten. She had corrective surgery about 5 months after being home. You can see her "before" pics on the sidebar of my blog...but look at all current pics of her. She's good as new!
    Blessings on your journey,

  2. Praying for your fundraiser. We are in Ellicott City, MD. I'd love to get to know you better as we just started our process and our fundraiser too. I'll be sending you a check for $10 towards your puzzle and I plan to do a puzzle too! It's a GREAT idea!