Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Double update...
Only 2 pieces this week.....ugggh! It's just $10, spread the word!!! It would be sad to only have 26 names on the puzzle!!!!
I know many are wondering how things are progressing~ other than financially!! Well...Greg and I had fingerprints done on Tuesday last week... e had a water test completed on Thursday & we had a MAJOR home inspection on Friday! For those who aren't familiar, during your adoption process you are required to have a "favorable homestudy" completed. This includes a number of things but during this phase you have a walk thru of your home... yes your ENTIRE home. They open EVERY closet, closed door etc. On this visit they also interview indepth each member of the house....yep kids too! One never knows what the kids might say! Well, I am happy to say all is well so far. As a matter of fact the only thing they are waiting for at this point is the final phase of the homestudy which is the couples interview...a 3 hour couples interview... Greg and I have been together 21 years and I am certain we don't have 3 hours worth of conversation!!! The funny part will be if he stays awake for 3 hours of talking!!! This appointment is on Tuesday May 31st. After that appointment the homestudy people will take about 2 weeks to write a favorable homestudy. Oh, I almost forgot...Greg & I have to do 12 hours of parenting courses online. Once the homestudy is received we will eligible for grants to assist with the upcoming fees. At this point I am not certain of the timeline to Mira but I am predicting it will be November. But we know God is in control, so it will be on His time!
We have a few other fundraisers coming up.. A list will be posted soon! I will update with success stories after each one!

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