Thursday, June 9, 2011

puzzle, vendor show & homestudy...

There's alot to update....

WOW!!! SO far we have sold 54 pcs~woohoo!

Many thanks to all who contributed! Especially a few young kids who donated their OWN money. Thanks to Debbie, Sally & Michael Barth and Shane & Dylan guys are AWESOME!!!!! Please keep telling your family & friends about the puzzle!

Click on the pic to see it bigger & Look for your name!

Your name isn't there?? Use the chip-in to buy a piece!

Last Friday I opened my home to 7 different vendors, Tastefully Simple, Cookie Lee, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Willow House, Tupperware & Thirty one these ladies sold quite a bit of stuff! Each of them will donate a portion of sales to help bring Mira home. What a FUN way to raise $$...lots of good food, shopping & friends. I will have exact figures for you soon! (But I think it was worth it!!)

We are waiting for the rough draft of our homestudy, should be early this week! Yippee. Greg and I have completed 1/2 of our required education classes, we should be complete by the end of the weekend! There's a few misc papers to turn in and then we are complete! I am still learning the details of what comes next... it is my understanding that we have a series of notarizations, certifications & authentications to do. Praying for a smooth process to get our little girl home soon!!! I'll keep you posted!

Leapin & Prayin~Vanessa

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