Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It has been a while since I have posted, for many reasons. Things are progressing quite well, we received notice that our homestudy has been approved by everyone. We are actually waiting for it to come in the mail anyday now! The next step is to mail off the I800A, this is requesting permission from the US government to allow Mira to become a citizen of the US. This process usually takes about 60 days. At that time we will be able to send our dossier to China.

I mentioned before that I had a few fundraisers in the works and I wanted to post an update on them. The vendor open house that I had back in early June was not as successful for all as I had hoped but I did manage to raise about $300 through the generosity of the women who came. This was a difficult time of year and perhaps closer to a holiday maybe a better time! I do want to thank each of the ladies for their time.
Thanks~ Diane, Nikki, Peggy, Pam, Jenna, Amanda & Krista!!!!

Also, I had mentioned that I was working on a Family Fun Night that was due to be held on June 24th. Due to a number of circumstances this event had to be cancelled.

At this point we are at a standstill for fundraisers. We are waiting to see where God leads us. We know He is faithful in providing, especially for things in His will. The "control" in me doesn't want to wait, but I know I must be still. Besides, how can I give God the Glory if I do it all???

We are continuing to ask people to keep us in prayer (especially Mira). We pray that the next few steps come together quickly, with no speed bumps! Our family has grown to LOVE this sweet child and we want nothing more than to bring her home~ SOON!!

One final thing~~our PUZZLE UPDATE!
We are pleased to announce we have sold a total of 70 pcs!!! (only 430 to go~hehe!) Many thanks to ALL who've bought pieces!!
Please share our story with those you know, it will only be by word of mouth that this puzzle can be completed!!

Love n Prayers~

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