Thursday, October 11, 2012

Surgery catch up

Well, surgery went off without a hitch!
Mira was on the operating table for 9 hrs, can you imagine?? Well it took Dr Standard 6 1/2 hrs to work on her left leg alone. At that point he came out to consult with Greg and I. That shows what a humble man he is, love him!
We decided to go on as planned and do both legs. He scrubbed back up and off he went.
We were reunited with Mira in recovery & she was doing great! Poor thing has a cast from her toes to her hip on the left leg and an external fixator on the right. When it came time go to her room her tummy decided it had enough... She was sick a few times.
Her pain was being controlled by an epidural, thankfully! This stayed in from Wednesday until Saturday. At that time she switched to oral meds, these managed her pain better after a few days. However they gave her Valium to control spasms this made my sweet princess turn into a villain!
Sunday we were discharged from the hospital to the Hackerman-Patz house. This place is fantastic! We have met many sweet families, some have similar stories & some are different. Mira was reunited with her sisters in Sunday it was very sweet to see them all together again!
Kayla & Sami are with me at the HP house. We will be going home on Friday for the weekend~ can't wait to sleep in my bed!!!
Thanks to all who've prayed for Mira during this time. Please continue to lift her in prayer as her recovery is extensive.

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  1. I'm so happy to read this and I love that she is smiling!! I cannot wait to see the day those casts and things come off her new legs!!