Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update, Praise & a First!

We've gotten so many questions about how things are going. Truthfully, we.are.exhausted!!!! But at the same time I have to say God is so good! Mira is a trooper. She is determined and never complains about what needs to be done. We actually got her physical therapy cut back to 2x a week which means we get to stay home~~ woohoo! Mira is actually walking distances with no walker, no wall holding all by herself! Can you imagine?? 1 leg casted to her hip and the other carrying a metal device double the size of her leg?!?!? She has taught me to never say I can't do something, wow.
Mira met her uncle Robbie for the first time 2 weeks ago. He is a Marine & was serving in Afghanistan when Mira came home. He has been home for 2 weeks on leave, she LOVES him and loves "his big muscles"!
We were blessed with a surprise this week from some generous folks that work for Dr Standard. We were given tickets for our whole family to go to Disney on Ice! What a wonderful thing to do! We had fun, we sat with some other families that we've met at the HP house. Mira was FASCINATED!!! Thanks to those involved in this blessing!
Mira had a first tonight! She got her first REAL haircut! Finally her hair was long enough that she was ok with getting it cut. She looks like a respectable young girl now, see for yourself!
Have a blessed week!

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