Saturday, June 8, 2013

The next phase...

When we adopted Mira we knew she would need some work done to her eyes but we didn't know the whole story. Fortunately we have wrapped up the orthopedic work for now. We had an appt at the eye clinic last Friday. They determined Mira is legally blind in her rt eye. The good news is they are able to correct with glasses to 20/70. Because Mira's eyes are so small, she learned to use the eye that is most open which is her left eye. Her brain has been trained to use her left eye therefore causing her right eye to not work. With dedicated patching & surgery to open her eye lids we are hopeful to train the brain to make that eye work. We will be moving forward with care to treat her eyes as soon as possible. The first step is glasses which you will see below, then we see the plastic surgeon on June 20 & begin patching around the same time.
As for her orthopedic work she is doing great, you can see below she's been swimming, running & loving life!! She even learned to play corn hole with grandma!
Praising God with thankful hearts for blessing our family with Mira!

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