Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The unexpected...

I neglected to mention in my last post (because i thought it wasn't a real concern) that the eye doctor detected that Mira's blood vessels that feed her optic nerve were swollen. She said it is very possible that it is "pseudo edema" which just means it is for an unknown reason... She followed up saying that we will just monitor it since she has no symptoms. She also made me promise that I wouldn't google it! She said if I did I would diagnosed her with a brain tumor.

Last week Mira began complaining of headaches, after 3 days I called the eye dr and report this to her. It just so happened that day we were seeing Dr Hink who is the eye plastic surgeon. So between the 2 drs they agreed there was enough to support a MRI, so it was scheduled for Monday at 7am. That's quick in my opinion! Perfect!!

So on Saturday we noticed Mira was not walking properly. She was nursing her left foot, so I asked her about it & she said it hurts. Well it had a large puffy spot just below her 3 middle toes on top of her left foot. We gave her some ibuprofen & figured the swelling would go down over night... No such luck! On Sunday she woke up with it still swollen except now she wouldn't walk on it. After church on Sunday I decided to take her for an X-ray. It seemed to be mimicking a stress fracture. X-ray did not show a fracture but did reveal osteoporosis in that foot. Strange for a 7 yo but she is predisposed to this due to her diagnosis if Schwartz jampel syndrome. They recommended we follow up with the ortho team here at children's. we did & it was decided she likely has a stress fracture, we are attempting to keep it elevated & use ibuprofen. If it isn't better then she can be seen again tomorrow to get a cast.
In the meantime we attempted to get her MRI done on Monday but the wiggle worm wouldn't hold still! Sooo... We are at children's now having the MRI done under sedation!

I should have results this evening & will post them as I know. I'm asking for prayers during this time. I know she's a child of God & He loves her more than I do....

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