Sunday, September 1, 2013

Big brown eyes!

Just a quick post to show you just how great her surgery turned out! We are amazed beyond belief at the difference it has made. She us so expressive in her eyes, we've all been adjusting to the new & improved Mira!!
See for yourself!


  1. My gosh. I'm crying here. I haven't totally followed your blog - just checked in once in awhile. She is radiant! It broke my heart when I saw her first pictures before she was home with you. The difference from a year and a half ago is nothing less than amazing. What blessings all around.

  2. Her transformation is amazing, but it reaches far more than legs and eyes! She has a new glow about her that comes from inside. Confidence and LOVE just shinning through every pour! Praise God for using your family in her transformation and redeeming her precious self! He has something amazing waiting for your sweet girl. I just know it!!!

  3. Hey Vanessa! Amazed at the transformation in your beautiful daughter - would love it if you'd consider possible writing up a short story for us to share at No Hands But Ours? If you're interested, or have questions, let me know! nohandsbutours @ gmail . com