Thursday, September 8, 2011

August 16th Update

We are coming down the home stretch as far as our obligations go, however this seems to be the hardest part~ being at the mercy of others (especially the government) is TOUGH!!!
Last Monday August 8th Greg and I went to Baltimore to get our final set of fingerprints done, we are now waiting to get a letter from the US government that says Mira can be a citizen of the US. After a few more "hoops" we will be sending our dossier to China. At that point, we will just be in the waiting game. The most popular question right now is: When??? My answer has to be: On God's time! This adoption has been entirely on God's time~ from thought to currently and I'm sure completion will be the same!
As for Mira, here's what we know:
A very close friend has a very reliable contact in China, she has connections to the orphanages. She contacted Mira's orphanage and they simply said they will not give an update until we have our travel approval :(
I have been in contact with another lady who recently went to Mira's orphanage, I was in great hopes that she would get to meet Mira but she did not.They were only permitted to meet the children that weren't considered adoptable. However, we did get to see photos of the orphanage & photos of the director. I have to say it is a brand new VERY beautiful building that she lives in....for now this is enough to comfort my heart!

I know initially when this adoption came about many people (including Greg & I)questioned our ability to pay for this. I want to give you a financial update, some may feel this is personal info but we feel it is important to be upfront with where we are as we need to continue to fundraise. As mentioned before this has ALL been in God's time!
If you look at my blog it only shows that we have raised $1700. I am unable to add in the money that is sent to us by check or cash donations. It has been SIGNIFICANTLY MORE!!!! We have also been blessed by a grant from Brittany's Hope, it is called a Seedling Grant. How this works is that if we raise $2,000 for them to continue what they do, they will inturn GIVE us $4,000. In order to raise this money we are having a pancake breakfast at Applebee's. Attached is a link to the flier, tickets are just $7/pp.
Here are the final figures of what we need to complete this adoption:
Orphanage donation: $5,000
Roundtrip Airfare: $2,000
One Way Airfare for Mira: $1,000
In Country expenses: $4,000 (hotel for 11nights, meals, trains, cabs etc.)
If you recall, the original estimate for costs was about $23,000. All other fees have been paid & we have a small nest egg in savings (thanks to MANY generous donations).
PLEASE note: THIS POST IS NOT TO ASK YOU FOR MORE $$$ I know many of you have already donated & for this we are grateful, it is merely to give an update. But also, there are a few ways you can help:

#1~ Please pray.... specifically that the next few months will go smoothly until we can travel to get Mira, that God will prepare her heart to accept us as her family, pray that her health is stable & remains that way to travel. Pray that my family will be healthy while I am gone & pray that the funds will come in to complete this adoption. Also, please pray for the caregivers at the orphange and for those children that are not adoptable.

#2~ Be A Piece of Mira's Future.... I know many of you have bought puzzles pieces and we want to thank you!!! I have even had some buy them to put "In Memory Of" & some with scripture references. Just to refresh your memory, by paying $10 for 1 puzzle piece you can have your name or family name put on the back of a puzzle that will be framed in a double sided frame & hung in Mira's room. That way we can show her just how many people it took to bring her home! If you wish to buy puzzle pieces you can do so by visiting my blog & using the chip-in on the right hand side.
~So far we have sold: 149 pieces....only 351 to go!!!!!

#3~ Flap Jacks For A Cause.... follow the link below to access a flier that you can view, print, email etc. In brief the details are this: Applebee's in Westminster Sunday September 18th from 8-10am tickets are $7/pp ($5.50/ticket will go to Brittany's Hope to directly benefit Mira) tickets should be purchased in advance by contacting me!

#4~ ADVERTISE.... believe me, I know in these economic times it is tough to find a few extra dollars BUT we can all help by spreading the word. With email, facebook & even old fashioned face to face conversations we can help! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!


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