Friday, September 23, 2011


What?!?!? You say?
In Chinese adoption when you get all docs sent to China, you become what they call "DTC" well, we are not quite DTC (dossier to China). We have sent our docs to Washington state where our adoption agency is located. They are in the process reviewing all docs, they will then go to translation (takes a few days) then, they will be sent to that time we will officially be DTC!!!! We are sooo thrilled!

As you may know from previous posts, our fundraising efforts have not gone the way we planned. So a couple months ago we decided to "be still" and look for direction from God. Then a several weeks ago we were approved for a seedling grant from Brittany's Hope, if we raise $2,0000 they will match it. So we decided to contact Applebee's and have a Pancake breakfast. To make a long story short I invited everyone I knew, sent emails asking friends to invite friends. When about a week before I realized I was going to have much of a turnout I began to think...ok I guess I wasn't still long enough...I decided to pray to God that I was through with trying to do this, I told Him that He can do great things and I laid this down to Him. WELL.....I've come to realize that God is quite the showoff!!! Sunday morning came, 30 people (including kids) came for pancakes...with those figures we should have raised $135. The generosity that we were shown was AMAZING!!! At the end of 2 hrs we raised a grand total of $1,000 exactly!!! How cool is that????
I am in awe of God's presence in this adoption, we know that He wants us to be Mira's family!
So, the moral of the story is this, YOU can't but HE can!
Our family has been so emotional over Mira this past week, I think in part because we know that every dollar we raise is taking us closer to bringing her home. But I also think because there is so much mystery here. We have never been down this path before and we are imagining so many things!
As you can see we have a new chip-in, we have approximately$4,000 to raise for our travel expenses. Included in these expenses is my roundtrip airfare, Mira's one way ticket home, approx 12 nights lodging & in country travel by train, bus & taxi.
We have an amazing opportunity coming up on Oct 7th & 8th to hold a "Finish the Puzzle" event at a friends coffee house, see the EVENTS page for details. We are so excited to have this opportunity to spread adoption awareness & to the tell our story of how God brought Mira to our family.
If you feel led, please continue to spread our story and share our link to this blog.

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