Thursday, September 8, 2011

Baby Steps...atleast they are Forward!!!

So this has been an exciting week!!!
Tuesday I was greeted with a GREAT surprise when I opened the mailbox!!!
I-800 marked APPROVED~woohooo!
This was the official document from the US government stating we were approved to adopt Mira! This was a huge mile stone for us.
Next we had to get our entire dossier (huge stack of papers worth millions of dollars in time!) "certified on the county level" this was the easiest thing I have ever done! Literally walk into the Clerk of the Courts office pay $1 (yes JUST$1) per page, they printed off some slip of paper and said "Have a nice day!"
What's left??? Well, I need to do the same thing in Annapolis (hopefully on Mon) then I need to take the dreaded trip to Washington DC. When all of that's done I hope to have my docs off to be translated by 9/16...then, let the waiting begin!!!!! Waiting to get the Ok to go get our sweet girl!
Hold on, we're coming....I promise!
This week, as I was stalking blogs of other adoptive families, a lady said something that hit home for me....
When the paperchase is in your hands, every day you don't do something is one more day your child is in the orphanage.

God, I know this is in your perfect time but that doesn't make waiting any easier!!!

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