Sunday, June 17, 2012

MRI, Father's Day and the Tooth Fairy!

Mira's MRI went very good!
She was a very cooperative trooper, considering we got stuck in the elevator on the way, they were running 2 1/2 hrs behind schedule & she didn't get breakfast! Not one complaint to be had.... Now there is something I need to learn from that!

They attempted to flush her ear of that crusty old wax to no avail. Of course they wouldn't give me results but they did give me a disc to take to Shriners tomorrow morning.

Happy Fathers Day to all, especially to the best Daddy I know!

To put it kindly, Mira has a mouth only a mother could love. She has TERRIBLY decayed teeth, as a mentioned a few posts ago, she has beautiful pearly white teeth coming in~ yippee! Tonight, like 10 mins ago, she lost her first tooth! Her bigs sisters filled her in a few days ago on the tooth fairy and they clearly implied that she would get money if she left her tooth under her pillow. As soon as we got it to stop bleeding she said " under pillow, go to sleep, money" who needs all those extra words anyway... We clearly got her point...
Enjoy the pics!

I will update after the trip to Shriner's.
Be blessed,
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