Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tooth Fairy, MRI Results & a trip to the dentist

Just as she was promised, the tooth fairy came & brought 2 shiny quarters. You would have thought it was a million $!!! She carried these coins EVERYWHERE!!
We went to Shriners on Monday to get results of the MRI. Good news first, there is NO TUMOR!!! Woohoo!
However, the bad news is, we don't know what is going on in that leg. Clearly it is growing abnormally but we aren't sure why. Could possibly be from multiple, untreated fractures. Her knee cap is present but dislocated & doesn't have the actual groove that it fits in. They have now ordered a gait study to be done, then follow up with the Dr. 4 wks later. In the meantime, an opportunity has surfaced for us to be seen right here in MD by a world renown ortho doctor on July 19th. The reality is, Mira needs EXTENSIVE ortho work and the repetitive drive to Philly is exhausting... 3 hrs each way. But I will do what seems fit for her well being.
Today, she had a her first visit to the dentist~ boy were they SHOCKED!! The long & short of it is, Mira needs all of her baby teeth pulled. The good news is the xrays showed her adult teeth were in good shape~ for this I am thankful. The bad news is, they are unable to schedule in the hospital anytime in the next several months (??) so they referred me to a new dentist....frustrating but we know He is in control! So on July 3 she will be seen by a new dentist that can sedate her at Sinai Hospital to do her dental work. The good news is, I totally trust the anesthesiologist there... He will take good care of her.
That's all for now, tonight I leave you with 2 pics to show how long her hair is getting!
Have a blessed week!

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