Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update, meeting PopPop & Aunt Cecilia and sightseeing...

How are things going, you ask???
Mira has made great progress, she eats well, she LOVES to swim, she loves her home & her sisters! She has learned SOOOO many words, she has even picked up a bit of sass. (she's right at home!)
The other evening I told her she had to eat 2 pcs of chicken and her response was "Okaay....geeez!" after I cracked up laughing & I told her she needed to watch her sassiness! Honestly, she is communicating with us very well, I don't think there is much she doesn't understand.
It's been a busy few weeks, hence the lack of updates! Mira spends EVERYDAY in the pool, her swimsuits are her favorite outfits!
On Memorial Day Mira had the opportunity to meet her PopPop & her Aunt Cecilia (she is 6 like Mira~I'll explain another day) they live in Colorado and came to visit for a week. She was also reunited with my MIL, Kara who traveled to China with me. A few days later, the rest of the Colorado family came to visit, we had a fantastic time together, as usual!
We took a day trip to Fort McHenry, to learn the history of the Star Spangled Banner & then went to a park for a picnic. This past Saturday we all awoke early in the am to take the Amtrak train to NYC for a few days. While in NYC we had a lot of fun. We took an open top double decker bus to do a tour of the city, we visited the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island. We spent some time at Ground Zero, where I had an opportunity to for God to reveal himself to me, I will explain in another post someday. Then we went to FAO Schwartz, that was the kids favorite stop!
Mira was a trooper on the entire trip, she is a very easy traveller.
Enjoy the pics!

Mira & her Aunt Cecilia

Have a blessed week!

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