Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Struggles, strength & praise

This has been a whopping week!

We are ready to go home, to be with our family. We are grateful for the care & it is necessary but we came for a 1 night stay! Officially tomorrow makes 1 week & 2 surgeries! Because of the many things Mira has been through in her life, she does not like me to be out of her sight. So once a day I leave the room for 20 minutes to RUN to the cafeteria to grab a bite to bring back to the room & each time she has called the nurse to ask if her mommy is coming back. You might imagine that is a horrible feeling, knowing she questions my return. After a week, this tends to take its toll on me.
I have met many people this week who've inspired me in different ways. Funny how the Lord places those in front of you that challenge you, make you step out of your shell & make you defend your beliefs. But the greatest experience this week aside from healing my sweet girl, was feeling the presence of God.
My strength comes from the Lord.

Mira has done FANTASTIC in the last 24 hours! The doctor was in, he looked at her incision~ see below. He pulled the drain and we decided to place her on a newly approved medicine for kids. The great news is it can be given orally!! So, we ordered the meds, they will be in tomorrow and someone from the orthotics company is coming to cast Mira for a custom knee brace.
If all goes as planned we will be home tomorrow evening!
Thank you Lord for your continued protection!

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