Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's new???

Since surgery on Friday things have been changing constantly. Mira remained stable on Friday night & all day Saturday. Then Saturday evening she began to complain of a stomach ache. This is being caused by the antibiotics which is scary since she will be on them for so long. She also developed a bout of itching from the pain meds, for this Benadryl worked like a charm! The other main complaint Mira has had is the inside of her left leg is SORE!!!
After many conversations with many different people (residents/fellows etc) I was finally told today that there seems to be a screw sticking out on a small plate they were using to "tack" the inside of her leg. The purpose is to keep the inside of her lower leg from growing while the outside grows, this will allow for final straightening of her lower left leg.
The reassuring words I heard about this were "it will be handled in the OR on Tuesday"! Ok!
Today Mira had a good day, she did have a low grade fever early and was in pleasant spirits knowing she would see Daddy & her sisters today. She walked with her walker today, she is none weight bearing on that left leg until after Tuesday. And the biggest news is she made it all day without pain meds~we are praising God for these things!!
Unfortunately, there is one more unexpected thing that came up. Mira's hema-vac failed tonight. This is not the way things were supposed to happen. The hema-vac is surgically implanted which is the part of the reason she has to go back to the OR on Tuesday. There is a very good possibility they will have to take her to the OR tomorrow instead. Dr S will be in bright and early to evaluate. I will update as things change.
Many thanks to those who follow & pray for us as we walk through this journey.
Also, a great big thank you to The Wilson's for brightening Mira's day... Take a look:

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