Monday, December 17, 2012

A small glitch...and some Christmas MAGIC!!

Greg & I were scheduled to head back to MD this past week. He drive his truck & I flew in on Saturday.
Sounds simple enough right??
We were even given permission to take our time coming back. I was to drive one truck & Greg the other. We were planning a nice overnight somewhere.
But on Friday before I left, the girls noticed a red warm area on Mira's leg.. Long story short... Mira got a quick trip back to Baltimore. She saw Dr Standard today & she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow am to have all hardware removed from both legs.
We made a few adjustments, God worked a few miracles & Mira & I are scheduled to fly back to Co on Thursday.
Only God could arrange this. We have a friend from high school who moved to Idaho, we haven't seen him in 3 yrs. He called last week to say he was in town & wanted to stop by. Once we explained our move, he told Greg if he needed help getting a vehicle out to Denver he could help! Thank your God! Just a few days later, Mira's leg became yucky & he is driving for me sours can have surgery...only God!
The Magic of Christmas....
Most children grow up knowing Santa from birth... But there is NOTHING more magical than seeing a six year old Chinese princess who LOVES Santa meet him face to face at a Christmas party. He arrived with a sack of toys and had a personal conversation with each child. He even knew Mira just came home from China, that this is her first Christmas & he knew she just moved from Baltimore...
He MUST be the "REAL" Santa.

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