Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not my idea....

Mira had surgery on Tuesday to remove all of her metal. On her right leg they removed the external fixator & placed her leg in a "Raven's purple" cast to her upper thigh to protect the bone as it regenerates bone where the (4) 1/4" pins were. On her left leg they removed a long femur plate that was internal. They placed an antibiotic coated rush rod in her femur & placed a drain in the new incision. She was admitted to Sinai hospital for overnight observation.
We had a return flight scheduled for today to Denver. Shouldn't have been a problem since she just needed an overnight.
Yesterday instead of discharging her they decided to keep her because her drain was producing so much. Last night she spiked a fever... I knew we weren't leaving!
I immediately got online to change my flight...ugh... The first available flight is SUNDAY!! That's Emily's birthday!!
We are grateful to be arriving home BEFORE Christmas but I really wish it could've been on Saturday!
Aside from the fever Mira is experiencing a good deal of pain. Despite that, she has managed to walk the halls & hunt out her special friends.. Below you will see a favorite here... Lisa, she is the inpatient physical therapist.
Yesterday the hospital had a Christmas party complete with Santa, the O's bird and gifts!!


  1. She is such a trooper. The photos with Santa are priceless. :)