Monday, December 3, 2012

And the big news is.... Drum roll please!

We are MOVING!!! To Colorado, literally as we speak. We left the home of our dreams today. We sold our business. As I type this message we are in Cambridge, Ohio on the first night of our trip. Everything we own is in a "brand new" 1984 Freightliner tractor trailer.. That's right, we're bringing the 80's back baby!!
This is bitter sweet. My family all lives close by in MD, I will miss them all terribly BUT pray that our relationships will strengthen. That our time together will be valuable. My husbands family lives in the Denver area, we will be just a few miles from them.
We are excited to see exactly what God has in store for us. His hand has been in every step of this process & we know he has a fantastic plan for our family!
Please pray for our family as we make this HUGE move, pray for my girls hearts to be calm & for healthy bodies as we make our way to Colorado!
Mira was the first to ride with daddy in his big truck!

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  1. Wow, Vanessa!! I just decided to check in on your blog for the first time since we left Baltimore. Whoa Nelly. Praise the Lord that Mira is well again!! We have a date scheduled for the removal of Kilah's fixator on January 4th. How much longer will Mira have hers on? I hope you are safely in CO or at least very close by now. Please tell all of your girls that Darci and Kilah say HI.