Monday, February 4, 2013

Two shoes....

Today is the first day since October that Mira has been able to wear two shoes. It won't last long though.
We have returned to Baltimore for cast removal from her right leg & tomorrow am she will have corrective surgery to her left lower leg. This should be the tail end of large surgeries.
I must say, we had it pretty good to live just 40 mins from the hospital. We had to fly in on Sat for a mon am appt & Tuesday am surgery, we will be in Baltimore for 2 wks. VERY DIFFICULT to be away from our family BUT I have to say it is worth every sacrifice. The Lord called us to China & to be Mira's family but it doesn't stop there, we vowed to love her & provide her with the best quality life...even if it's in Baltimore! Dr Standard is AMAZING, I know he is a gift from God for many families including ours. It is for that reason we will continue to travel for him to care for Mira.
He is a master (bone) carpenter!
Below are some really impressive before & after photos.
Please keep Mira in your prayers as she undergoes this next phase of correction.


  1. Her leg looks so good! What an exciting time for her. Does she seem to understand what all the surgeries will mean to her walking? We are going to begin our son's surgeries this fall and I hope he does as well as Mira has. :) She will be in my prayers!

  2. Those before ans after xays speak volumes! Wow!
    May this next round go smoothly and e time go quickly for you!

  3. Amazing is right!!! Yay Mira!!

  4. She looks amazing! So glad you updated! Been thinking about you guys a lot. Hope everyone is well!!!!