Thursday, February 28, 2013

So many tears today....

Mira has cried more today than any day since she's been with us.
My girl is having a tough time.
This surgery/ reconstruction has been radical. There's no other word to describe it. The results are/will be AMAZING! STAGGERING! She is pushing towards the finish lone but this darned infection continues to linger. Her leg is gross. We are doing our best to nurse her here from home. Dr Standard is on the final stretch of his mission trip to the Dominican, due to return on the weekend. We are scheduled to return to Baltimore on Wednesday to see him, we are hopeful that we can manage this until we get there. I've consulted with Allison, the PA, she gave us a few options, including IV antibiotics...none of which we want to do unless mandatory.
On a positive note we are just 6 short days from the end of Mira's turn schedule. Her legs look AMAZING!!!! See below!
Please continue to pray for Mira.


Nasty photos ahead........



  1. I have read your blog for a while and love Mira's smile! I am so sorry she is hurting. I will continue to pray for her. She will be so happy when this is behind her and sees the results.

  2. Poor Mira. :( It's so hard to see our children in pain. Her legs look AMAZING though. How pleased she will be when it's all over with.

  3. Poor sweet girl! It is hard to see them in pain:( Her legs look amazing!!! Praying Mira finds relief soon!