Monday, February 18, 2013

Please say no!

Mira's leg looks a bit yucky...

** CAUTION: gross pictures ahead**

We are praying things make a turn. This morning she woke up with a warm, red and oozing leg. Then she spiked a low grade fever... 100.8! So tonight she took a bleach bath. I texted Dr Standard to ask if I should be freaked out. He texted back & said no just scrub with soap & water & start antibiotics if the pin sites start to hurt.
I forgot to mention the wild & crazy thrashing that came from cleaning the pins~wow! Thankfully her sister Sami was able to bring peace to the situation with an Airheads candy!
Anyway, we will begin antibiotics first thing tomorrow and hope this will control things. You may or may not remember the last fixator has some infection stuff going on, so we are being very cautious BUT we also lived in Baltimore the last time.
Thanks for your continued prayer support!

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