Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1 week post op

It's been 1 week since Mira's most recent surgery & she is doing SUPER!!!!
We are still in Baltimore doing therapy but we fly home on Thursday, it will be a happy reunion for Valentines Day. This separation has been very hard, likely because of the huge distance between us but also because of the extreme bond we've all experienced since the move. We are quite close, very dependent on each other.
The plan at this point is to do the 3D alignment from home over the next few weeks. Her turns will stop on March 6th. We return to Dr Standard on march 7th for X-rays and to decide if she needs any lengthening which can easily be accomplished with this fixator. We will then return home until mid may-June. At that time we can return to Baltimore for complete hardware removal including the femur rod she has.
We are blessed to know the Great Healer, he sends his angels to watch over Mira each time. The strength, determination and sweet spirit she has could only be from The Lord.
Thanks to everyone that has prayed for her this and everytime she's been in the hospital.
A couple cute pics to leave you with!

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