Saturday, February 16, 2013

So happy together...

On valentines Day it was a *sweet* reunion! Mira & I landed in Denver at 4:20. As we approached baggage claim we were greeted by 3 screaming girls & a smiling daddy! The timing was perfect!
It was such a great feeling to be together again. It is hard to be away from everyone but especially Kayla, she needs her momma more than most!
We left the airport & stopped to have dinner at Applebee's, then we headed home! Mira & I are still on East Coast time but it was great to sleep in our own beds!
Mira continues to do great! Kara took the girls swimming yesterday while I went to the grocery store. It's great for Mira to get that movement in her knee. We continue to do daily stretches & exercises along with her daily turns to align her leg. The main goal is to keep full range of motion in her left knee. Ivd got my eye on a new bike for her since she enjoyed that so much during her outpatient rehab at Sinai.
That's all for now other than a few pics of my crew!

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