Saturday, February 23, 2013

Somewhere in between...

Mira is delicately teetering between infection & improving. It seems like one minute she's improving & the other she worsening.
We've prayed & we know God is answering prayers.
Yesterday she woke up at 6am walking on her leg & her giggly happy self. A ton of yuck oozed from 3 pin sites. By 10 am she refused to put weight in it. After lunch she was back to hobbling on it. Then by 6pm she spiked a low grade fever... 100.3
There are a few praises... One is her body has adjusted to the antibiotics! We will continue to bath in bleach nightly. At this point my bathtub is the cleanest it's ever been!! The other praise is an organization called Miracle Flights. They provide commercial air transport for medical appointments! This HUGE to our family since we've moved 1700 miles from our doctor. Mira needs to return to dr S for X-rays on march 7th. Literally just for X-rays. It would cost us $800 to make this flight. We've been able to keep up with the last few flights but it has become quite a burden on us financially, as we slowly re-establish our business. We received confirmation this week from Miracle Flights that our upcoming trip has been approved!! PRAISE GOD!!!
Tying into my last post.... We are getting slammed with snow again tonight! I LOVE IT!!!!!
A few more graphic pics to follow:

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  1. I just love watching the transformation of your precious little girl! She simply exudes joy!!!