Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Saying goodbye!

Today was Mira's last day of therapy. When we got to PT today Mira's FAVORITE friend was there.
Lisa, she & Mira are funny together. Mira was dressed in cheetah print & sportin' her pink hair that daddy sent her. Lisa said she looked like Snooki... I can't say I agree.. Mira doesn't have a bump and her mouth is MUCH cleaner than Snooki's!!
Anyway, I owe it Lisa for putting a daily smile on Mira's face even when Mira didn't like the exercises that she had to do.
This evening is also our last evening at the HP house for this trip. We have met several amazing families during our stays. Some we run into several times and others are just quick hellos.
Lauren is cute as can be, she LOVES to polish her nails.
Dana has been a blessing to meet, she is a sister in Christ. I wish we would've had a more time together but I look forward to keeping in touch with her. Her & her son Brayden will be here when we come back in march.
Payton has to be one of the bravest kids I've met. She is beautiful, sweet & very grown up at the age of 10. She has endured 20 surgeries in her short life. When I asked her how many more she has to go, her response was "I will need surgery until I stop growing." My heart sank hearing her say those words but she followed it with a smile. That makes her one of the bravest kids I've met. She is very sweet with Mira, she likes to play with her. She too will be here when we return in march.
Saying goodbye is never easy... Fortunately it seems we will be seeing these friends again soon.
As we get ready for bed tonight it is snowing, so Mira & I went out to touch the snow.... She LOVES to touch it!

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