Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Fun!~ Part 1

We took a family vacation to South Dakota. We visited the Black Hills area, it was FUN!
I'd say in total there was about 30 of us, most of which we didn't know. But boy were they a fun, welcoming group! I was able to share our experience with adoption with another couple that is considering international adoption. We will continue to pray for Josh & Kelly as they seek the Lords direction.
With a group that size we didn't stick together, everyone did they're own thing during the day then we'd gather back at the houses for a huge family dinner! After dinner some would take a walk, shoot a game of pool, catch up on past times and others would go out to an Old West town for some fun.
We visited Mt Rushmore which is an awesome sight!! I'm not a huge history buff but I thought it was truly amazing. And we went to a really cool place called Bear Country, it is a drive thru wild life park with all kinds of animals including... Of course bears!
We also went to a fun park with the kids. They did bumper boats, go carts & they arcade. This was a really fun place to visit! We were blessed with the opportunity to take this mini vacation. Most times I'm bummed to come home after a fun filled weekend but this time was different! See how the fun kept going in part 2!!! Until then, enjoy the pics!!

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