Thursday, February 2, 2012

Article 5...

After 32 llooooonnngg days (did I say long??). Finally our Article 5 was picked up and sent on to Beijing. We are in the home stretch of the wait. We are waiting for one final piece of paper. It is an official invitation to visit China for the purpose of adoption. This process takes anywhere from 7-21 days. Once this is received we are free to pick up our daughter. I can't tell you how exciting this is for us. We can not wait to bring our sweet girl home. I am not a patient person, I am a very much here and now person. Adoption isn't designed for the impatient! I know many people wait longer than we have but it.has.been.hard. That's the funny thing that happens when you step out of your comfort zone, you are forced to do and experience things that, well, aren't comfortable! The wait is just the beginning, I am not comfortable with the idea of leaving my family for so long. I have even been caught thinking that I have possibly lost my mind. I have a family that relies on me heavily for many things, I am going to leave them to go half way around the world to bring home a child who may not like me very much???? Doesn't sound logical huh? Well, when I find myself thinking this way I realize that I have been chosen to travel halfway around the world to bring home a child who may not like me now but will grow to love me one day. I have been called to do this and I know I will be fine, my family will be fine and Mira will be fine too. God will provide, as He has through every step of this adoption.
I actually forced myself to gather the heap of stuff I have been tossing in the closet and sort through it. I got out my suitcases, began making neat piles and quickly I learned that I have to reduce, reduce, reduce. Well, let's just say it is gonna be a work in progress!
Funny thing, my pastor and his wife are adopting as well (2 boys) and they received their paperwork today too. If all goes well we will likely be in China together!! Not a coincidence if you ask me ;0)
Say a little prayer that our travel approval comes quickly! Kara and I are ready to go!!!

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