Thursday, February 16, 2012

Travel approval! Yes!!!

What seemed like the longest wait EVER is finally over!! I am going to China~woohoo!!
Just at dinner time, as food was finishing the phone rang... Heidi called to say she is holding my "golden ticket" to China!! I am so excited to say the least!
Two funny things to note here:
1. I think Greg just realized we are actually adopting, he woke up this am saying he dreamed of Mira, and he had no idea what to say to her! Later in the day he said he woke up this am knowing today was the day! (he also made a point to tell me because he said I wouldn't believe him when the call actually came). Ok, so he was right for the first time in a very long time- hehe!
2. I will be in China at the same time as my cool is that!! Who would have thought over coffee with his wife that God would orchestrate this in such awesome timing!
My details should be confirmed tomorrow hopefully, I will post then!
Love n prayers to all,

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