Saturday, February 18, 2012

Confirmed CA...

It wasn't when WE wanted...but after all this isn't our adoption!!!
God said the confirmed CA is March 20th, so kara and I will fly out early on March 8th for a 14 day adventure of a life time!
I am actively making travel plans this weekend, packing and preparing! Along with having a happy 21st birthday, saying good luck in Afganistan party for my little brother! Wow, emotions will run strong this weekend!
I will post more details in a few days as I firm them up.
In the meantime, I was blessed with an email yesterday from a lady who is at Mira's orphanage right now. She wasn't permitted entry BUT her daughter was to play with the kids. SHE GOT TO PLAY WITH MY MIRA!!! Oh, how I wish it was me but I must be thankful that someone was playing with her! Included in the email was two things she wanted me to know:
1. SHE IS VERY FAST! despite her legs
2. She is the sweetest child and she was so glad that we were coming to adopt her!
This God wink totally can warm a mama's heart!
Just 3 weeks from tomorrow I will hold Mira in my arms, and never let go in my heart. That will be the last day she doesn't have a family of her own. So thankful that we have been chosen to be that family.

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