Friday, February 24, 2012

Faith, finances and angels among us.....

Let me start by saying this post could and may go many directions. There is so much on my heart right now. I am literally 2 weeks from having my girl in my arms....surreal. I am ashamed to say, a year ago I was hesitant to move forward with this adoption, why? Because my hands were full?? Would have been a logical reason... Because I was insecure that I couldn't do this??Could have been logical.... But the one reason I came up with was money. Can you believe I thought of money over this little girl?? I was worried about the amount of money we needed and knew we didn't have it. I didn't trust God to provide. In my own thoughts, it was impossible...impossible. I can't believe I was actually hesitant to believe God would provide.every.single.dollar. To me, that seemed so far from reality, so far fetched. The words that sealed the deal for me was..."money should never be the reason to leave a child in an orphanage". These words spoken by my pastor. We knew then that we needed to trust God. But over the past year I have witnessed many miracles and learned many things. There have been complete strangers walk up and hand us checks for hundreds of dollars, a lady that I don't even know made 2 trips to a fundraising event because she just wanted to help "more", a little girl even handed me $1 bill and a hand full of change from her piggie bank to help bring my daughter home. Friends and family have supported us tremendously, theres too many stories to list. All of this surprised me at the time, but I have learned that I am not supposed to be surprised... God can do anything, He chooses amazing circumstances to do amazing things, but we are to give God all the glory. It is not about our family doing " a nice thing" or "what a lucky girl she will be".... It is about being blessed, blessed enough to be chosen to do God's will. It is about being obedient to a calling whether we think it is logical or not. It's about trusting God with all your heart, he doesn't want us to do it all ourselves. He wants us to trust him.
Today, I trust. Not for the first time, but I am reminded that must trust.
Have you ever heard "there are angels among us"? It's true. Today, God sent those angels to our family. Today, our funding is complete. It's not about who it is from, it is not about how much we received. It's about God. It's about knowing God is here. I just need to express how grateful I am to be among those angels. Thank you God for sending your

Mira, I pray you have been told that I am coming soon. I pray you have been told that you have an amazing daddy & 3 big sisters who will adore you. I know you will be scared, I know you won't understand. I trust that God will be with us as we get to know one another. Counting the days until we are together..forever.

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  1. Vanessa - How wonderful to receive such affirmation. No way to question what you feel lead to do ... every door has flown open. Excited to continue to watch as your story unfolds. Mostly eager to see a picture of Mira in your arms. Blessings to you and your family ~ Donna W