Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OMW (oh my word) it's real!

So, this am, actually around 5am... It hit me. This is real, it is really happening. In about 18 hrs I will be getting in my car to head to the airport. I will travel for 24 hrs to arrive in Hong Kong for the night then onto Mira's province. I should receive her sometime Sunday afternoon, possibly Monday am (their time).
I don't speak her language, I don't eat her food, I obviously look like no one she has ever seen.
I'm leaving my family to go to a far away land, my mother in law is doing the same.
But as I question this, I realize.... We have been saved by Gods grace. And he calls us "to look after for orphans and widows in their time of need" ~James 1:27 the least I can do is step out of what is comfortable. We are all called to things in our life and they aren't meant to be comfortable.
So lookout I come!
Please follow along, please pray for us & my family I leave behind.
You can sign up by email on the left of the will notify you each time I post something new! I hope to blog my way through China. Mira and I will be returning to BWI on March 22nd to reunite as a bigger Newman family!
Thanks for all the prayers & support over this past year!
Big hugs,

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  1. You can do it!!! It is going to be awesome!!!!
    And I will be following along!!!!