Saturday, March 17, 2012

We're in Guangzhou!

Ahhhhhhh Starbucks!
What a welcomed sight!
Anyway, we spent our last part of Nanning at the mall, in search of nothing in particular...other than maybe some air conditioning (which of course was not on). Mira was able to ride a Minnie mouse ride which was entertaining fr her.
Then we were off to the airport to move onto the next part of our journey. On the way to the airport, Amby our guide sang me a was very beautiful. It was a song from the Beijing Olympics. It was a very nice jesture, he explained to me that "a man will sing to girl if he want to marry". so, Greg I'm sorry, I think I got engaged!
Tammy, this parts for you girl... I USED MY FIRST SQUATTY at the airport, and my pant legs stayed dry...woooohoooo!
Mira did awesome on the plane, in my opinion. Other than the poor guy next to us had to look at every picture of our family at least 3-4 times!!
We checked into the Holiday Inn with no problem, it is incredibly spacious, clean and has air! I may not have mentioned that we have been DYING humid and hot! We met our guide Becky and another CHI family.
Today, which is Saturday, we had Mira's medical appt...she did great. Very cooperative...easy peasy. After that Becky took us to a jewelry wholesale market....unbelievable.... 5 stories of vendors, over 1500 in one place. Then we went to Shaimin Island to do a bit of shopping. We HAD to stop at Starbucks and have a cold beverage, I think Mira is hooked, on shopping and Starbucks. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed being on the island, I met a few Christian shop owners which of course is rare. I have to say a few things: it seems like the shop owners like to tell you they are Christians because they are unable to be so open about their beliefs. I want to send a huge recommendation to all who will be traveling here...visit Jenny's and Jody's....they are wonderful women who will give you a great deal!!
We made a few purchases then back to the hotel. We are beat!
Papa Johns Pizza delivered right to our hotel tonight for dinner! Delicious!
A few things about Mira....
~ sweet as candy
~ VERY adaptable
~ acts as if she has known me FOREVER!
~ eats almost everything, has only turned down broccoli since we met
~ can count to 5 in English
~ can use sign language for bathroom, all done (easier to communicate)
~ likes to high 5, fist bump and does the peace sign on both hands if she is excited
~ she weighs about 26 pounds
.~ she wears a 3T (she is soooo tiny)
I am so excited for tomorrow... There is a Christian Church on the Island and we will be going. The service is done in Mandarin and English...can't wait!
To close this post out, I have a heavy heart this evening for Mira's birth mother. I do not know what her circumstances are or were but I know she is missing out on an AMAZING, DETERMINED.....PERFECT little girl. But for her decision, I am thankful.

Love to all from China
PS...please say a prayer for my brother, he is a Marine and is leaving for Afganistan this afternoon... Prayin for you my little bro...keep lookin up!


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