Monday, March 12, 2012

Tonight...there is one less orphan

What an amazing day....
There were several other families at the CA office. Mira was 2 nd to last to arrive. In she walked wearing the most adorable Minnie Mouse snowsuit with little clips in her hair. I almost passed out! She is ADORABLE!!
She was incredibly scared, wanted nothing to do with me. She backed out of the room and hid behind the wall.
Something new to note....Mira doesn't speak Mandarin OR Cantonese. She speaks a local dialect that only locals know. She doesn't understand my guide and he doesn't understand her....perfect!
So eventually she became interested in the photo album of her sisters and her baba and the dogs...she continued to avoid me at all costs. Then it was time to leave so I held her hand and carried her down the steps...she cried all the way!
Then she shut down. For about 45 minutes.
As soon as began skyping with Greg she came out of her she calls me mama, kisses me, covered me up with a blanket in bed. She skyped with her sisters and identified them a dede (day day)!
She came very clean dressed in 3 layers on top and just snow pants (no undies) on bottom and yellow rain shoes. I gave her a bath which she liked, washed her hair and rubbed cream on her dry little skin. She loved the attention and just observed everything!
Off to girl was hungry! She ate a yogurt, and bunch of fruit, rice w/ gravy and mushrooms.
I gave a backpack of goodies which she is very fond of, she is extremely particular in many of her actions.
As bedtime came I took her into to potty and she sat right on the toilet and peed, like she has used a western toilet before...I was warned that she only used a squatty. Then I decided to start the bedtime regimen of brushing her girl clearly understood how to brush spit and rinse!
I have no doubt in my mind that Mira was loved and well taken care off. I know she loved the nannies at the orphanage and I know she can bond. What more could I ask for?!?
PTL~ tonight there is one less orphan!
wishing I could just come home now...but I will savor every minute I have of one on one with Mira until we can leave!
Thanks for all who are praying, please don't stop now... it is an amazing comfort to know there are people from coast to coast praying for us!
And now what you really want........

Grinning the biggest mommy grin you could imagine,

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  1. YAY!!! She is such a beauty!!!
    So glad she is finding comfort with her Momma on this day of HUGE change.
    Still praying for you both!!

    Karrie (in Southern IN)

  2. Oh my gosh this just made my morning. She is darling. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations Vanessa!!! So glad to hear that everything went so well. Love all the pictures!!

  4. I am just a booohooohoooing on my end. I am SOOOOOOO happy!!!!!! She is doing better than I ever anticpated and my oh my, am I ever proud of you Vanessa!!! I can't wait for MORE blogging.

  5. I could not have been happier today than to check out your blog and see your sweet girl in your arms..finally! So glad she is coming around and I enjoyed reading all about your day! Praying! :)

  6. You have made our family's day, maybe year! Heather, my 10 year old who played with Mira at the SWI a few weeks ago, said "Her mom is lucky because Mira is so nice and easy going but Mira is so lucky too because she has a family forever now! My heart is happy."
    all of our hearts are happy- blessing to your entire family

  7. How amazing! I am sooo happy for you and your family. Congratulations Mama!!

  8. CONGRATS!!! She is so cute!

    Are you sure she wasn't saying Jie Jie (pronounced kinda like jay jay but it does sound kinda D-like in some dialects)? Jie Jie is big sister. The way my little one says it it kinda sounds like dey dey.

  9. So wonderful! !!! Our family/church are praying for you and yours.
    Buddy Singer and family.