Thursday, March 29, 2012

1 week home...

She is AMAZING!!!
It's like she's been a Newman all along!
She fits right in with all the craziness of our house!
All about her:
She loves to tickle others (and be tickled too)
She loves to ride anything with a motor (4 wheeler, golf cart & lawn mower)
She says many english words/phrases
~ uh-oh
~ mama, baba, emawee (Emily), Sami, Kayla, Max, Macie, Jake
~ go pee pee
~ bye bye
~ nighty nite
~ amen
~ baby
~ nan nan, pap pap, pappy, kara, pop pop
~ monkey
~ yummy
She says many Chinese words, just can't figure out what they mean
She eats EVERYTHING, her favorites are bacon, ham, Mac n cheese, chicken, beef stew, all fruit, eggs, chocolate milk, yogurt, goldfish, chips
She sleeps 10+ hours every her own bed!
She loves to check herself out in the mirror
She plays babies
She can eat with chopsticks
She loves to have her nails painted
She stands on our front porch and yells "Baba" at!
Every night at dinner she passes out napkins to everyone
She is the first to fold her hands for prayer at meal time & bed time
She folds laundry...all laundry...clean or dirty...not a bad thing!
Our family has been so blessed by her, we look forward to the rest of our lives being a family of 6!!!
Though Mira has only been home a week, she has done many things, this little girl is so happy and full of life. It's just proof that God is here.

Hugs n prayers,

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  1. Glad to hear she is doing so well and everyone is loving the new larger family. :)

  2. Wonderful!! :) Such a blessing! It is so awesome to see pictures of Mira home with your family!