Monday, March 19, 2012

A girl's gotta have shoes.....

So, today we went back to the medical clinic to have Mira's TB test read...of course it was negative. Then we went back to Shaimin Island to pick up something special that I ordered, I can't share now it is for my girls! Then we hit yet another shoe store. It is amazing, you can get good quality leather shoes for CHEAP! We visited Jenny's a few days ago and today we went to Sherry's. Mira officially has more shoes than I do...probably more than all my girls too! Then we went out for another venture to the shopping street, this is a NYC style BUSY street just lined with clothing and shoe vendors.
Yesterday we were able to pick up Chinese Barbie dolls at Jordan's, Mira decided to send hers skinny dippin in the toilet...great!
Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment, looking forward to the final step of this process. We will be here in Guangzhou until Wed am your time, then we will board a train back to Hong Kong for a 1 night stay then we board our plane back to the US! We are set to land in Baltimore Thursday evening. I miss my family terribly and dream of the day we can reunite! Thursday is only 3 days away!!!
I leave you with this funny story....we were in Jordan's yesterday and he said he saw me in the newspaper. So he ran franticly around until he found it. So...long story short, it was not me. It was another American girl who had hair similar to me & a Chinese baby in a stroller! So he proceeded to tell me that Chinese people think all Americans look alike! Lol!
More tomorrow~

A girl's gotta have shoes!

Hugs to all & be blessed!

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  1. Hi Vanessa! In catching up with your last few days, you have me laughing VERY loud and tearing up too... to the point my family thinks I have LOST. MY. MIND. Fun, fun. Your Mira is SO cute and WOW, I need some of those shoes! :)

  2. I love reading your blog!! Its so fun to read about the shops that we were in as well!!! Have fun and youll be home shortly!!!!

  3. Love the picture with the statues -- Grace was TERRIFIED of them!