Thursday, March 15, 2012

"The HERE".....(kitty kitty kitty)

Final night in Nanning

Let me start by saying, this wouldn't fly in the USA!!!
Every night since we have been here we have stayed "safe" or cautious food wise. Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds etc.... Since this was our last night here we decided to venture outside of the box. Behind our hotel, the Nanning Marriott (which is very nice, clean, amazingly courteous staff) there is a what we at home would call restaurant row. We were told there was an Italian place that had good pizza so we went out in search of. We found the place that seemed rather hip, 3 stories, icicle style lights. The HERE. Upon entering they told us to be seated upstairs ( handicap friendly anything...anywhere) so we went upstairs and the waitress said we could be seated on a large L shaped couch with 2 very small tables. The place is very interesting, very eclectic, an array of decor from Mexico to China to Italy and many many statues & pillows of cats. We began to look at the menu which had a great variety of items to choose from. We began to notice there were photos of cats throughout the menu....this seemed odd, very odd. Not as though they were a meal option, like with a price or anything..just pics. We ordered our dinner, Kara had wine and I got a soda (no ice). They arrived at the table armed with a small bottle of wine, 2 shots of Tequila & my coke. When we asked what the shots were we were told "free"! Apparently, it was warm tequila, apple juice and an apple slice...doesn't sound very Italian. Anyway, suddenly Mira began saying "meow meow"... Can you believe they had LIVE cats roaming this restaurant?!?! I was in absolute shock... The health department would shut the doors! Better yet, my mom would have leaped from the second story to get the heck out of there! So this sighting of live animals got me a bit freaked out, I began to inspect the place pretty was very clean. Possibly cleaner than some at home. The food was EXCELLENT!! The prices were cheap and to top it all off, another adoption couple we met along the way came in a joined us. It was an awesome night and I am glad we ventured out to The HERE.

As a side note.... Wanna know how small the world really is?? We met a couple staying here in our hotel, who adopted the sweetest little 22 mo old girl. As the mom, Amy and I began talking we discovered that they live in MD, Howard County to be exact but get this.....we went to the same high school!! Yes, she graduated a few years before me...what would be the chances of being the only Americans (literally) in the city and growing up in the same small town?? Awesome!
We leave from Nanning on Fri am (your time at home) to head to Guangzhou, this will be a welcomed change for us.
Mira is fantastic as can be, she is all kid and acts as though she has lived with me forever! She is testing limits but what child doesn't. I know I am thankful tonight for modern technology. I have been able to skype with my family 2 times a day. And because of this, Mira has her daddy "baba" wrapped around her little finger. The first thing I taught her affection wise was to blow kisses...she blow baba kisses over and over... It just melts his heart...he actually just beams at her sight! Can't wait to unite them in just 8 more days!
A huge thank you to those emailing, praying and sending notes from definitely makes this trip a little easier. I must say, adoption isn't for the faint of heart BUT...WOW...really amazing lessons and blessing come with it! I wouldn't change this opportunity for the world!

Until next time!

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  1. I love, love, love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures. It is so heartwarming! So eager to meet the newest Newman. :) XOXO to Mira.