Friday, March 23, 2012

Home sweet home...

Ahhhhhhh! Home at last..... What a sweet feeling!
We made our way halfway around the world with no problems, other than Mira STAYED AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME! That's right my girl hung in for 27 hrs before she finally crashed in BaBa's arms.
We were greeted in Baltimore, by anxious, excited Daddy & sissies. They were each wearing t shirts with Mira's picture on them. These were an awesome way for Mira to connect, she noticed herself right away. Many thanks to Kris & jenny from church for this awesome gift! It was a very emotional reunion. There were many onlookers who were curious, even one lady sobbing as she stood and just watched. We met her on the plane & Mira politely told her (50 times) with broken English, some Chinese, a bit of sign language & a photo album that she was about to meet her BaBa & Dae Dae's.
It was so beautiful, Mira knew Greg from Skyping daily. She went right to him and gave him a kiss! Of course, he was a mess! After hugs and kisses all the way around, we grabbed our luggage and headed for home.
My mom had dinner waiting for us, we met her on the porch. I came home to a immaculate, clean house. Thanks mom!
Mira was so curious as she ventured room to room...oohh ing and ahh ing! She's very much a drama queen! She met the dogs and LOVES them...she evens pets them....quickly!
So thankful to be home, safe & a family of 6!!!!!
God has blessed us with a sweet, funny little girl who can steal anyone's heart....thank you Father for blessing us.....ABUNDANTLY!

Sending love to all!

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  1. SOBBING here!!! This just never gets old!!! May God continue to bless your precious family abundantly!!!

  2. I have enjoyed following your precious journey to your Guangxi Girl:) What an awesome post!

  3. I've enjoyed following your journey to Mira. :) It's wonderful you are home with your family now and I hope you are resting well!

  4. Welcome home Vanessa and Mira! So nice to see her with her with Greg and the girls. Now we need a photo of all six of you together. You guys are amazing!

  5. That is just awesome! SO happy for you all! :D

  6. So totally wonderful!! Congrats! :)

  7. Sweet!
    She looks like her Daddy!