Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things I've found interesting....

In no particular order;
~ most people walk or ride bicycles or mopeds, if you have a child, they ride too.... No matter how small
~ there are no seat belt laws...or car seats
~ most moms don't use strollers, they carry the babies tied on their fronts or their backs
~ if you buy a stroller the sales person attempts to give instruction on how to use the seatbelt (????)
~ when laundry is done, it is hung out of the windows til it dries
~ apparently someone in China saw Justin Bieber and decided he was cool, now there are many young men walking around looking like him!
~ when you go to the mall or stores they play American music
~ little girls in squeaky shoes are cute, as long as the squeaker is pulled out!
~ most public toilets are squatties & have no toilet paper
~ if you take an escalator up, that isn't necessarily the way you can get back down (no fun carrying the stroller down 4 flights of steps)
~ there are no park benches...anywhere
~ McDonalds tastes exactly like home
~ you really can survive a day (or two) on pastries alone
~ there are scales to weigh your self in the government buildings
~ most clothes sold here have writing in English
~ rarely do you see people plugged in (iPods, cellphones, video games) unbelievable
~ I haven't seen one Hollister, American Eagle or Aeropostale labeled piece of clothing since I left Detroit airport-seriously

Today we went to the Consulate, this was a relatively quick and easy process. You drive about 1 hour to the US Consulate office, take a seat with many other adoptive families, say an oath, listen to some instructions, wait for your name to be called, drop off your docs, sign a paper or 2 then you may leave... That's it! Not formal at all, no pictures allowed.
The rest of the day has been slow paced. I've had my eye on an interesting antique coo coo style clock that was for sale at a vendor outside of hotel, after 3 days of haggling we've compromised and I have an awesome thing to remember our trip.....besides my sweet Chinese princess!
By the way she is really just a great girl... She is a riot! We are struggling a bit with the language, she speaks all the time. No one speaks her language so I have no idea BUT we have made some lead way with simple sign language.... Toilet, more, all gone...and she is learning some simple English too.

That's all for now!

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