Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saying goodbye to Guangzhou

We head for the train station for a 5pm (china time) "all aboard" then head to Hong Kong, it's about 2 hrs. We have had a fun time in Guangzhou and I hope to be able to post some tips for future traveling families. We ventured out often but were very conservative food wise. But while we have had a god time here, it's time to go home.
Looking forward to our reunion in Baltimore, though we will have to say goodbye to Kara in Detroit. I know this will be hard for all, please say a little prayer.
That's all for now but I think this is the cutest thing ever.
Mira will repeat words for you but she never will say a random word. Last night she found her word....
Each night at bedtime we fold our hands and pray for our family at home and thank God for bringing us together, as with every prayer, we close with Amen....Mira's favorite word....AMEN! She's ready Bill!
Thanks to all who have been praying for our journey!
Love to all,

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  1. Praying for safe travel home. I am sure that your family is excited for you to get home. Be safe. See you soon. Melissa (Carroll Drugs) Can not wait to meet Mira.